Your personal territory of comfort

Your personal territory of comfort

VILE Sumice 1


Beginning of works: 15.03.2022.
Deadline for completion: 31.03.2023..
Completion of works: 30.09.2022.
Handing over the property: 01.10.2022.

Street: Corner of Profesora Grčića and Stanislava Majoroša

Building A-87,58 m2 i 87,78 m2
Building B- 82,31m2 i 82,78 m2

Four bedroom apartments

Warranty – two years after handover, material and equipment according to manufacturer’s warranty.

Main characteristics – apartments with the comfort of home. Own yard approximately 110m2 per apartment, parking space included in the price of the apartment. Condensing boiler on gas-floor heating and hot water. Communal infrastructure independent of other apartments (electricity, water, gas).