Your personal territory of comfort

Your personal territory of comfort

Current project Vile Sumice 4

The project “Vile Šumice 4” implies the continuation of the construction of two buildings according to a unique concept in our city. Three four-bedroom apartments are planned in each building.

Every apartment has own yard approximately 90m2 per apartment, parking space included in the price of the apartment.2

Location: Stanislava Majorosa street, real estate cadastre number 249/30 and 249/31 NS IV Cadastre municipality



APARTMENT A2 (P=83,31m2)



APARTMENT B2 (P=83,31m2)

APARTMENT B3 (P=84,52m2)




20% participation of personal funds

1.400,00 €/m2 + PDV

€/m2 + PDV

1.400,00 €/m2 + PDV

€/m2 + PDV

Enterior rendering

Materials and equipment.

When designing this project, we paid special attention to the quality of the construction and the selection of materials and equipment. Nexe thermal blocks with a thickness of 25cm were used for the exterior walls, while the interior walls separating the apartments used 25cm thick Termo Akustični Nexe blocks. The partition walls within each individual apartment used 12cm thick Nexe blocks. The building has a Demit facade with 10cm thick polystyrene combined with high-quality colored mortar, providing a high level of energy efficiency, significantly reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling the apartments. The external joinery is made of PVC with Rehau 5-chamber profiles, providing excellent thermal and sound insulation. All windows and balcony doors will have built-in aluminum shutters and mosquito nets on one wing. The entrance doors are PVC with five-point locking with a modern panel design. The internal carpentry is painted medium-density fiberboard in white. The heating system uses gas with a condensing boiler and a central underfloor heating system for each apartment separately. In addition to the heating system, gas boilers also provide hot water. The multi-layered oak parquet (Tarket) provides a special warmth to your new home. The imported tiles are of high quality and modern design, chosen personally during the construction phase. Grohe concealed cistern system is used in the bathrooms, as well as fittings on bathroom cabinets. The electrical equipment includes Aling Conel Experience modular switch and socket program and Schneider Electric equipment.

Each apartment has two bathrooms that feature a walk-in shower with floor heating and a custom-made glass partition. The intermediate ceiling and floor slab are constructed using “Fert” panels. The single-pitched roof is concealed by the attic on three sides, with a wooden roof structure and thermal insulation made of mineral wool atop the roof slab. The apartments are self-sufficient in terms of communal infrastructure.

Location map


Šumice situated in Novi Sad include an area that has a favorable position in the traffic network of the city.Main city roads – the city highway (the extension of Bulevar Europa) and Sentandrejski road.

Located 7 km from the center, with the advantage of good traffic connections to most parts of the city.

In this area are also located: “Dušan Radović” primary school – Velebitska street (1.3 km), preschool institutions – Orahova (1.2 km), health center, “Slana Bara” sports center with indoor swimming pool and gym, Orthodox church, pharmacies, market, post office, shops, supermarkets, shopping moll BIG